Innovative OncoSolutions (IOS) is a Canadian pharma-oncology provider of safe and cost-effective clean room environments and closed system transfer devices (CSTDs) to the Canadian healthcare market. We also offer the most advanced web-based NAPRA compliant quality management system providing a comprehensive electronic audit and quality assurance system. Our goal is to provide a safe and reliable environment for clinicians and patients in the preparation and administration of hazardous and non-hazardous drugs.

We’re Helping Hospitals and Institutions Meet Canadian Standards

In reality, it is becoming essential in Canada to be NAPRA compliant. For CSTDs, in addition to safety, using a CSTD can significantly offset drug wastage costs. The compounding of sterile preparations requires the highest quality standards in order to ensure preparation of quality and safety. Clean rooms provide that safe environment. To comply with audits, pharmacies are adopting electronic quality management systems for ensuring NAPRA compliance. In total, CSTDs, NAPRA compliant clean rooms and NAPRA automated quality management systems are the best solutions for ensuring compliance in Canada.